Fabián Narváez

(A formal description of my professional trajectory is shown in my Curriculum Vitae)

I have graduated in Systems Engineering from the Universidad Nacional de Colombia. My final project, developed in collaboration with Adolfo Reyes Cuevas, was entitled System for the 3D computer reconstruction of physical objects" (in Spanish). I obtained the Spanish equivalent to the MSc. degree (DEA) with the work "Geometrical and thermal study of the preheating zone of a flame spreading over liquid fuel" (in Spanish), sponsored by the Spanish Ministry of Education and Science by the predoctoral fellowship FPI code BES-2004-6681. Additionally, I coursed the specialization program "Master in Biomedical Technology and Instrumentation" (UNED - Universidad Politécnica de Madrid - Hospital General Gregorio Marañón).

I got my PhD degree in February 2009 at the Universitary School of Technical Industrial Engineers of the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid. My thesis is entitled "Methodological Contribution to the Flame Spreanding over liquid fuels by Digital Video Processing" (in Spanish), under the direction of Jesus San Martín Moreno, PhD, and Daniel Rodríguez Pérez, PhD.

Today, I'm working at the Universidad Central in the formulation and coordination of the MSc Program in Modeling and Simulation, the direction and participation in several research & development projects and activities and some undergraduate teaching (i.e. the Image Processing course, in Spanish). My main interests and current works are: digital image and video processing, human-computer interfaces, data visualization and computer vision techniques applied to the measurement of physical variables in meteorology and bioengineering. Other areas that frequently take my attention are:

  • Digital Image and Video Processing and Analysis
  • Machine Learning
  • Modeling and simulation
  • 3D modelling and rendering for data visualization
  • Computer vision
  • Computer Programming, mainly in C and C++ languages