Movement Analysis Laboratory


The Movement Analysis Laboratory is an integrated system used to measure objectively the movement of any set of bodies. Due to the versatility of this tool we offer its use in different fields of application.

Our principal field is the analysis of human movement as a clinical diagnosis or to improve the sport gesture. However, It could be also used to analyze the movement of small animals, to monitor the rigid movement of machines and devices, to analyze robot movements or to capture the movement of actors for animation movies.

The laboratory staff is involved in several academical academic activities, such as:

Clinical evaluation

We offer services of data capture and data analysis for clinical evaluation of different movements. Therefore, it is possible to do an objective analysis in order to support the diagnosis of people with walking abnormalities, specific movement task, posture and equiibrium.

Our broad objective is to go along with the rehabilitation process in individuals with mobility-limiting conditions and apply our research advances in different patients ranging from stroke to cerebral palsy to traumatic brain injury.