MovyLab – FUCS

Pediatric Orthopedics. Motion Capture, Stabilometry-Posturography. Prof. Víctor Vargas, MD. Orthopedist, leader of the Movement Analysis Laboratory (FUCS, Hospital Infantil Universitario de San José)

MindLab – Universidad Nacional

Machine Learning applied to different problems, s.a. posturography/stabilometry, atmospheric data analysis and interpretation, etc. Prof. Fabio González, PhD, leader of the research group MindLab, and some of his students, have participated in these initatives

Tiempo, Clima y Sociedad – Universidad Nacional

Data simulations and data analysis to understand the climate and weather of Colombia and the Tropical Region, using state-of-the-art simulation frameworks (WRF) and machine learning methods (Deep Learning). Prof. José Daniel Pabón, PhD, leader of the research group Tiempo, Clima y Sociedad, conducts the regional climate and weather model formulation.

Another collaboration projects and initiatives

Energy consumption forecasting in tropical cities. Future Cities Laboratory, Singapore

Prof. Jimeno Fonseca, PhD, leader of the Future Cities Laboratory of the ETH-Zurich in Singapore, co-directed the MSc Thesis of José Antonio Bello, related to the use of recent Deep Learning (RNN) models to predict the electric energy consumption patterns in tropical cities (e.g. Singapore).

Cognitive rehabilitation and training technologies in MCI and Dementia. FUCS – Universidad del Bosque

We are preparing a research project to develop mobile applications designed to support cognitive training and rehabilitation intended to prevent and palliate the effects of Mild Cognitive Impairment and Dementia in elder adults. Prof. Olga Pedraza, MD, Neur. and Ana María Salazar, PhD, lead the clinical and therapeutic aspects of the project, with the support of our Junior Research Team.

Balance evaluation and training by visual feedback via exergames in the older adults. C.U. Iberoamericana

Use of Computer Vision techniques via exergames to perform physical training, neuro-rehabilitation strategies and video-based objective evaluation related to balance function. Prof. Andrea Vásquez, Phys. Ther, PhD, is in charge of the rehabilitation and training protocols to apply HCI techniques in this scope.

Larval Instar characterization. Universidad Jorge Tadeo Lozano

Prof. Luz Stella Fuentes, PhD, leader of the Biosystems Laboratory of the UJTL (Colombia), leads a collaborative research work intended to characterize the life cycle of Oidematophorus Espeletiae, a species of moth affecting the

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