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The High Performance Computing Laboratory (HPCLab) is a new -2013- R&D project within the Faculty of Engineering of the Universidad Central (Bogotá, Colombia) and Complexus (research group), designed to provide academic and operational structure to several research and development activities and initiatives being addressed by teachers/researchers of our Faculty in the fields of Bioengineering, Computer Vision, Information Analysis and Modeling & Simulation.

Today this laboratory, in colaboration with the Movement Analysis Lab. is leading applied research, development and innovation projects, focused on solving real-world problems and providing technological and methodological tools according to the information needs of industrial and services companies, health institutions, public sector and social organizations.


  • [29/06/2017] Sebastian Motavita, a COMMONS group member, develops a two days tutorial-seminar about  web applications program with JSF.
  • [15/06/2017] Professor Angel Cruz and his students from modelling and simulation class of Llanos University came for one day training on this subject developed in COMMONS group.
  • [02/05/2017] Two engineering professors from Coventry University UK, visited the Central University. We porposed a colaboration between bases in the work we do in COMMONS research group. 
  • [2013/10/31] Reserach seminar in sparsity https://sites.google.com/site/fagomezj/research-seminar-in-sparsity
  • [2013/10/28] Expociencia http://expociencia.acac.co/
  • [2013/08/26] MSc in Modeling & Simulation is now official. Inscriptions open!!
  • [2013/05/16] HPCLAB website about to be released!
  • Seminar on Dictionary Learning is on the way, next session: Jorge Victorino, KSVD method
  • Complexus biweekly seminar: Angélica Ramírez. "Hip dysplasia characterization in 3-4 years old children by gait tracking". Of. Lino de Pombo, 2nd flooght room

MSc. program in Modeling and Simulation

  • The HPCLAB also supports teaching and research activities within the Modeling and Simulation MSc programme to be offered jointly by the Universidad Central and the Universidad de Bogotá Jorge Tadeo Lozano

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